10 Techniques To Use For Homeschooling Your Child with ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Anxiety, and ODD 


This Resource Workbook Helps You:

  • Learn the #1 trick to get your child(ren) focused and engaged in learning (regardless of their diagnosis).
  • Set your homeschooling schedule without sacrificing family time or making learning aversive.
  • Build self-confidence to homeschool your neurodiverse child(ren) without feeling like a failure.

and Much Much More

About The Author


Shakira is an author, professor, and the Executive Director of Connecting Youth Achievement Center ; as well as a neurodivergent entrepreneur who has many years of experience working as a behavior analyst and educational consultant for students in Special Education. She is passionate about serving families with equitable high-quality support to marginalized families with neurodiverse child(ren).